Opinion: Parents Happy with Online School

parents happy?

Originally published on the Hickory Daily Record.

School is back in session in North Carolina, and my son Hunter couldn’t be more excited. A couple of years ago, however, this was not the case. In fact, Hunter dreaded school.

When Hunter started middle school, he turned into someone I did not recognize. He became angry on the way to school and the anger persisted when coming home.

I took Hunter to a therapist to find the source of the problem. We discovered that Hunter suffers from anxiety and depression. The anxiety is the worst. He cannot go to the mall because of all of the people.

He is an introvert, very quiet and reserved. When he’s in a brick and mortar school, his brain is on overload. There’s too many people and too much going on around him so he shuts down. His grades suffered as well.

I did not want Hunter’s suffering to continue into high school so I enrolled him at North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA). After switching to this online school, Hunter improved immensely.

Since enrolling Hunter in online school through NCVA, his entire personality has transformed. He is back to being my son that smiles, jokes, picks on his siblings, and even hugs his parents.

He is motivated and continuously striving to improve his grades. And with NCVA, I love that I can login daily as his learning coach to keep up with his attendance and progress.

I am so thankful for K12 because I truly believe that Hunter would have been a statistic and dropped out of high school. There is no doubt in my mind.

Another incredible thing about Hunter’s education with NCVA is that it has made him eager to get involved in clubs and even attend social events.

He asked me to take him to a club gathering in Raleigh and for Hunter to want to be around kids he doesn’t know is a major development. Hunter is so excited for back to school and that would not have been possible without NCVA and my ability to choose this path for him.

He’s excited about learning and his future, and that equals two happy parents. This school has been a true blessing for family.

Brandy Mull


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