Prepared for success

Originally published in the Idaho Press Tribune – December 19, 2019

I was worried that a brick-and-mortar school wouldn’t have all the resources I needed to succeed. That’s why I made the decision to choose a different route for my education and attend school online. Because of this choice, I was able to get experiences that wouldn’t have been available in my local school. Most importantly, I can now confidently say that I’m prepared for college.

Attending Idaho Virtual Academy has provided me with opportunities I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. For example, I picked a unique choice for my foreign language class: Chinese. There’s no way I would’ve had the chance to take that language if I attended a local brick-and-mortar school in my rural community.

I also had the chance to take dual enrollment courses during my high school experience. This month, I’ll graduate with nearly 30 college credits. Not only is this saving me thousands of dollars on tuition, it also prepared me to tackle a full college course load when I arrived on my university campus this fall.

Now that I’ve graduated from IDVA, I can’t help but look back with a sense of gratitude for all the opportunities I’ve had. Online school gave me the chance to grow as a lifelong learner. If it can do this for me, then it can do the same for others.

Molly Van Steenwyck, Harpster

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