Protect school choice for students

Originally published by The Spokesman-Review – September 26, 2020

We must give students the room they need to grow and explore their passions. We can’t put everyone on a one-size-fits-all path in a world where that is anything but true. To embrace this idea, we need to show students the many options available to them while they’re still in school.

Growing up in a small town in Washington, my local high school didn’t offer all of the electives and advanced courses that I needed to explore my interests.

I wanted the opportunity to grow, something that online school promised. After enrolling at Washington Virtual Academy, I experienced a solution that delivered results.

There, I could do more activities that interested me while furthering my education with upper level science and history classes.

Students need the option to choose a school that fits their needs. Not every child is cut out for online school, and not every child is cut out for brick-and-mortar school. We all have different ways of learning. That is okay.

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