Protect the right to school choice

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Originally published in The Clearwater Tribune – December 5, 2018

Dear Editor:

We chose virtual school for our son Zac in Kindergarten to meet his academic needs. Idaho Virtual Academy offers Zac rigorous curriculum tailored to his needs where he can move swiftly through lessons, even earning college credits through IDVAs dual enrollment program. Zac says online school is not so much about grades and a lot more about personal goals and growth. He can see his grades for any class at any time and he wants to excel for his own sake.

Zac’s two older sisters also attended IDVA. Zac’s online schedule affords him great flexibility to achieve outside of the traditional four-walled classroom. He traveled to Washington DC over the summer as part of the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association – representing a youth coalition on electric cooperatives.

He’s been able to take mechanical classes, computer programming, even PE – online! Zac’s on the school newspaper and a staff writer and editor for the yearbook. He won second place in the Voice of Democracy essay contest this year. Online school has opened more doors for him than we thought possible. Zac’s had a huge opportunity to begin his education with IDVA and I urge Idaho to continue protecting the right to school choice in our state.

Kathy McFarland, Peck


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