School Choice Enabled My Dream to Be a Doctor

Brandon Sosa LTE

Originally published in the Arizona Daily Star – January 2, 2018

I support National School Choice Week (Jan. 21-27), as enrolling in online school at the age of eight had a profound impact on my life.

I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum as a toddler, making learning a challenge. I endured severe bullying at a traditional school. My teachers could not provide me with the attention I needed.

After enrolling at Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA), my perspective on school was transformed. The personalized learning model allowed me to process information at a slower pace. Teachers were supportive and the culture was bully-free.

After graduation, I was awarded the prestigious Wildcat Excellence tuition award from the University of Arizona. I placed in the top 3% nationally in ACT scores and in the top 2% in SAT scores. I now attend the University of Arizona and hope to become a doctor to help other children with special needs.

-Brandon Sosa

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