Shout Out to Ya’ Teach

Originally published in The Austin Chronicles– May 4, 2020

Dear Editor,

This Teacher Appreciation Week, our family would like to recognize two of our daughter Emma’s teachers, Ms. Fair and Ms. Williams. In her old school, Emma used to struggle to stay focused and excel in her classes, as she’s dyslexic. Now, at Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville, she works without distractions and excels in subjects she formerly disliked. Last year, with the amazing guidance of Ms. Fair and Ms. Williams, we saw her confidence grow immensely. Emma’s teachers take the time she needs to understand the material. Ms. Fair and Ms. Williams, especially, showed just how much they cared about her personal success and well-being.

This support has helped our daughter succeed inside the classroom and out. Thanks to TVAH’s teachers, Emma passed her STAAR test in math for the first time and received a higher score in reading! We’re so thankful for teachers like Ms. Fair and Ms. Williams!

Christi Borchers

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