State tennis champion eyeing college scholarship

Originally aired on KRDO-TV – January 30, 2020

17-year-old Paul Jones is fresh off a state title win and is now training in hopes of getting a college scholarship and continue his athletic career.

“Be able to get my tennis level to a high enough level where I can play D1 or high-level D2 or D3,” says Jones, a Manitou Springs native. “Any high-level collegiate tennis is my goal.”

In November, Jones won a state championship title, an accomplishment the teen is very proud of.

“It was the first title for Cheyenne boys tennis in 7 years I think so it was a nice good accomplishment my senior year,” says Jones.

Because of the demands of tennis, Paul has attended Colorado Preparatory Academy for years now.

“Being a home-schooled kid I get to make my own schedule as far as when I’m working on school, when I’m playing tennis when I’m eating,” says Jones. “Literally, everything is dependent on me.”

Thanks to a flexible schedule, Paul has been able to spend more time on the court than in the classroom, honing in on his skills and mental toughness.

“I think one of the biggest parts about tennis once you get to a high level is mental. So mentally I feel like I have a lot to work on,” says Jones.

Paul recently moved to southern California for even better training, and now sees this as a good stepping stone before he makes the jump to college.

“It’s almost like a good transition instead of going directly from home to away at college that way my mom still has control over me a little bit,” says Jones.

Paul is hoping to get into school in California, but hasn’t made any commitments yet.

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