Letter: Teacher Appreciation Week


Originally published in The Daily Press – May 12, 2019 

I respectfully submit a letter to the editor about my son’s enrollment in virtual school and recognizing online teachers.

Mrs. Archambeau is a passionate educator who goes above and beyond to connect with our son. Sebastian has autism and is behind his peers in most subjects. Mrs. Archambeau reaches out to us directly, at least once a week, to me to ask how Sebastian is doing. Mrs. Archambeau is kind and loving toward all her students; I have seen her in action during field trips and am touched by her sincere affection for them. We are lucky to have her as Sebastian’s teacher.

Sebastian has excelled as a virtual school student at CAVA. I want our online teachers to know how much they’re appreciated. Thank you Mrs. Archambeau and CAVA!

Veronica Lopez, Victorville

To learn more about California Virtual Academies, visit https://cava.k12.com/

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