Teacher Perspective: Back to School at Wyoming Virtual Academy


Today marks the first day of school for the 2015-2016 school year at Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA). WYVA is a program of the Niobrara County School District #1 and is open to students in grades K through 12. I have proudly been an online teacher for all of the six years that WYVA has been available in the state.

I come from a long line of teachers and know the effect that they have on young lives. My grandfather was a math teacher who was dedicated to struggling students. He took me under his wing and influenced my decision to become a teacher.

I am currently a music teacher at WYVA, and while it may seem challenging to teach the subject over the internet there are many fundamental similarities. As a teacher I see the same kids, same hearts, and same stories – the online setting doesn’t change those basic facts. I have become a stronger instructor and better at engaging students while teaching at WYVA because of the online environment, not despite it.

Many of the students I teach are struggling because of personal or home-life issues. Last year, there was a student that struggled to complete quizzes and I learned that the student had difficulty reading. We met regularly one-on-one and I soon discovered that the student was an auditory learner and had a great passion and aptitude for music. One of the elements I enjoy most about teaching online at WYVA is the ability to meet with students and provide individualized instruction.

As a mother of five children, online teaching has allowed me to be around for my kids and pursue my passion for teaching at the same time – a work/life balance that was difficult for me in the brick and mortar setting.

I’m excited for the new school year to be underway, to greet returning students, and welcome the new WYVA families. I look forward my first class of the day and can’t wait to see what the school year brings.

Jennifer Schultze is a passionate educator and teacher at Wyoming Virtual Academy.

August 25, 2015

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