Teen Lives Dream as Motocross Racer on the Road

Originally aired on KOIN TV – February 28, 2018

A 15-year-old motocross racer is living an extraordinary life — traveling all over the country with his dad and winning competitions left and right.

Rider Fisher loves the sport he’s been doing since he was only 2 years old.

“The adrenaline and the jumps and flying through the air,” he said. “I was doing Supermans and freestyle tricks when I was 2. I don’t do that now, but I guess I was crazy when I was 2.”

Many parents would have a heart attack seeing their child do the tricks Rider does — but not Randy Fisher.

“Life’s only coming around once, man!” Randy said. “You gotta have some fun.”

Rider does have fun and he’s pretty good at racing.

“I’m a 4-time West Coast champion in the Amsoil Arenacross Series and in 2015 I got 2 seconds in the national championship in that series,” Rider said.

He’s also going to school full time, but he’s found a way to make it work.

Randy is a former professional motocross racer but he knows his son also needs a backup plan.

“Just in case this doesn’t work out,” Rider said.

Rider is enrolled in an online charter school —¬†Insight School of Oregon —¬†Painted Hills. It’s an accredited school boasting free tuition for Oregon students. All you need is a computer.

“Had to deal with Grandma and Grandpa and brother not liking the online school — wanting him to be social,” Randy said. “All he’s doing is talking to kids out here. This is as social as you can get. This is the biggest family you can get.”

With a little math during the day and a little motocross at night, Rider is living the dream.

“It’s really fun,” Rider said. “Traveling on the road and doing school and not worrying about falling behind.”

To learn more about Insight School of Oregon – Painted Hills, visit http://or-ph.insightschools.net/.


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