Teen Uses Love of Animals to Bring Smiles to Nursing Homes and Schools

Originally aired on ABC 22  – September 10, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – A Miami Valley teen is using her love of animals and bringing smiles to people in nursing homes and schools.

Fourteen-year-old Maelynn Rose started showing dogs when she was 12 by joining the American Kennel Club. Her efforts brought home numerous awards and life experiences. In time though, her biggest reward came from elsewhere.

“I visit nursing homes and preschools and I just try to brighten up people’s days,” Rose said.

With her dog Titan at her side, she interacts with children and the elderly. She’s visited nursing homes, dozens of times.

“I think it’s nice because a lot of them don’t get people to come and visit them, and I think just that someone took time out of their day to come and visit them and say hi means a lot,” Rose said. “And you bring along a cute animal and I think it just makes it 10 times better.”

Rose remembers one woman she visited in a nursing home in particular. Rose says she asked her if she wanted to pet her dog Titan.

“She said yes and she also said dog,” Rose said. “So she said two words and all the nurses were so surprised because the nurses said she had not spoken in a few years. It was probably the most amazing experience I’ve had because I felt like I had an impact on someone.”

Rose doesn’t have a typical 14-year-old schedule. She credits Ohio Virtual Academy with helping the balance.

“It’s great that I get to do all the things I love,” said Rose. “I get to work on my music, I get to train with my dog. And I get to do Girl Scouts.”

Rose says in the future when she’s an adult, she’d love to take her dog into a hospital setting to brighten up a patient’s day.

To learn more about Ohio Virtual Academy, visit ohva.k12.com.

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