Thanks teachers at cybercharter (letter)

Originally published in LNP– May 9th, 2020

For Teacher Appreciation Week (which was May 4-8), I want to thank all my teachers at Insight PA Cyber Charter School for helping me and inspiring me to do my best every day. 

I enrolled in a cybercharter school halfway through sixth grade because I was being bullied at my other school. I didn’t feel safe, comfortable, or welcomed. Now, with the support of my teachers, I can finally be the student I want to be.

Last year I had a health scare that caused me to miss a lot of class. I was worried about falling behind in school. While recovering from surgery, my adviser wrote me letters of encouragement and support. She told me “I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Another teacher I admire tremendously is my math teacher. Her positive attitude and warm approach helped me improve my math grade from a D in the beginning of the year to a B today. Math was my weakest subject and by far my biggest hurdle.

Now I feel much more confident that I can achieve what I set out to do.

Monica Brooks
Lansdowne, Delaware County
Grade 8
Insight PA Cyber Charter School

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