Thanks to the teachers who helped my son

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Originally published in The York Daily Record – July 4, 2019

My son Simon has  Autism Spectrum Disorder and struggles with certain social behaviors and communication. This has  hindered his ability to form relationships with his peers and  learn in a traditional classroom. In his brick-and-mortar school he was placed in an emotional support classroom for children with behavior problems where they were required to earn the privilege of being in a regular education classroom. Simon was often bullied and was not progressing academically.

After enrolling Simon at Insight School of Pennsylvania, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in his attitude toward school and his desire to learn. As he pushed forward with the help and support of his teachers and administrators he began to pass my expectations and strives to receive A+ grades. Before joining online school, he was two grade levels behind his peers. Now, he’s learning on his grade level and passing all his classes. Simon has also participated in social groups and clubs and is also improving his social skills among his peers.

I’m thankful for the  positive change in my son’s education. He now loves school, applies his best effort, and is receiving an awesome education while working towards his future goals. Many thanks to all the teachers, staff, and administrators for their awesome support in seeing us through this journey. This was the best decision I could have made for my son.

Heather Krout



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