The CAVA Teacher That’s Made a Difference

Sandra Morales, Whittier Daily News 

Teacher Appreciation week is May 8-12. I write to honor Anna Ordonez, my son Justin’s math teacher at California Virtual Academies (CAVA).

Mrs. Ordonez doesn’t see Justin as having autism. Instead, she sees the potential that he has as a student. Her caring personality has made Justin comfortable in his learning environment.

Mrs. Ordonez praises Justin on anything he accomplishes. In turn, Justin feels very excited and motivated when he is acknowledged.

Recently, Justin was thrilled to show off his Plants vs. Zombies cardboard box game to Mrs. Ordonez. She was excited to play his game and showed interest in how he made it. It may not seem like a big deal for many, but for Justin, this was a huge accomplishment!

I encourage everyone to support school choice. Online education has given Justin a great teacher like Mrs. Ordonez, a person he easily trusts.

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