Twins from Buckeye use music to cope with George Floyd’s death

Originally published on KPHO-TV- June 13, 2020

Twins in Buckeye are sharing what’s on their heart after the death of George Floyd in a new YouTube video. 

Their song is called “Breathe for Me” and it’s aimed at bringing people together during these challenging times.

The 17-year-olds, Tyson and Tyler Walters, known as the “Promise Boys,” come from an artistic family.

All seven kids along with their single mom are autistic, and all have musical talents.

The twins, who are biracial, cried when they saw what happened with George Floyd and the subsequent signs that read, “I Can’t Breathe.”

Their song tries to show people how we all need to breathe for each other in times of crisis.

“Seeing that story for me, it just breaks me. It’s like, why does the world gotta be like that,” Tyson Walters said.

His brother said they just reacted in the best way they knew how.

“When I felt that and when I heard that in my mind, I felt like singing and just going for the goal I want to reach, is just to be a singer,” said Tyler.

Their mom, Michelle L. Myers explained autistic brains don’t really understand violence, but she she knew things touched a chord, so she worked with them to express themselves with a message of unity.

“Actually at a time like this you learn a lot from autistic people, because we love and we don’t hate, and we just see people as people,” said Myers.

The Walters boys attend classes online through Arizona Virtual Academy and say it was their math teacher who heard the song and knew it was the right tone to help bring harmony.

The Youtube video is getting a lot of listens and comments of encouragement from those inspired by their talent and their beautiful message.

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