Virtual academy benefits extolled

Originally published in The Times Free Press – September 29, 2019

We’ve been with Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) four years now, and we’re proud to be a virtual school family. Our daughter, Breanna, struggled with dyslexia, ADD and cognitive skills in brick-and-mortar school yet advanced grade after grade without her issues being addressed. Things looked bleak for Breanna. Breanna was in tears most days, either begging not to go to school or to come home early.

All that changed once we enrolled her at TNVA. Breanna’s confidence began to soar. She’s able to work at her own pace and really take the time to understand lessons thoroughly before moving on. She’s not rushed, she’s relaxed, and she’s thriving because of it. Public school at home is an ideal learning environment for Breanna. She has dedicated teachers working with her one on one, small groups, extra support and resources when needed. It’s just amazing.

With her new found academic success, Breanna now has time for extracurricular activities like volleyball and dance. TNVA has provided a whole-child educational opportunity for Breanna. Breanna loves attending school at TNVA, and we are looking forward to another great school year.

Sue Durham

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