Colorado Community Media: Young Archer Pursues Dreams

Colorado Community Media

Originally published in Colorado Community Media – January 9, 2018

Marya Remines stood poised one Wednesday morning. Her eyes focused on the target. She cocked her bare bow — which she has lovingly named Lord Vader — and let the arrow fly.

Across the room, the arrow pierces the small red circle at the center of the target.

Remines, an 11-year-old archer, was working on her form at Empty Quiver Archery in Broomfield.

“Sometimes it takes a little bit to get used to,” Remines said while taking a break from her morning practice. “But with better form, eventually you will get better shots.”

Unlike a compound bow, Remines’ bare bow has no sights, and relies solely on the archer’s strength and naked eye — making it much more difficult than other bows.

Remines, a Westminster resident, found a passion for archery when her father, Ryan, took her shooting one Saturday afternoon three years ago. At the time, she was heavily involved in ballet at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance. But her father wanted to broaden her athletic field.

Now, shooting is not only a passion for Remines, but it also acts as a bonding experience with her father, who generally brings her to practice.

“It releases stress and lets me feel calmer,” Remines said of why she likes the sport.

She dreams of one day shooting in the Olympics.

In order to pursue her dream, Remines has also enrolled in Colorado Preparatory Academy. As a sixth-grader this year, Remines says she is taking advantage of flexibility the online instruction offers to spend more time competing and practicing.

The young archer has been part of several teams including the U.S. Junior Olympic Team. Now, Remines shoots with the Rocky Mountain Archery Association and has earned herself two state championship belt buckles.

“I’m just really proud of her,” said Remines’ mom, Mary. “She is a very accomplished young lady for being only 11.”

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